2016 Spring/Summer "Symbiosis"

An attempt to relook into the conflation of modernism and traditionalism, the relationship between animals and their environment. Ho finds inspiration from nature like clownfish and sea anemones where the two live as one to protect each other from predators – a quest for survival. As human beings, we simply adapt. In our bid to achieve what’s best for us, we acclimate to different environments to the best of our ability; however, balance is key to success.” Symbiosis” is a collection that plays with a mix of contrasting hues, both bright and soft colour like Mango Lassi and Luminous Mint, to seize attention. The use of leather, with the right amount of tension in the design, creates a fluffy impression, yet beautifully structured. Symbiosis is a collection that juxtaposes the opposites but strikes a perfect balance in the process, and achieves a beautiful form. The collection very much reflects Ho’s attitude toward life: life is both tough and enjoyable, but the ability to slow down and to connect between one’s outer and inner life is what changes the outcome.

ILLIZA HO 2016SS collection was shown at Malaysia Fashion Week in Paris. Photos credit: Stylo