2017 Spring/Summer "Affinity"

In modern day society, people have constructed an unbreakable reliance on technology, humans become almost incompetent being so dependent on it. Technology has created a form of social isolation and result, people start to neglect human connection. Technology has replaced our old ways of interaction and communication. Influenced by traditionalism, Ho’s perception of intercommunication implicates hand written letters, bottled messages, and oral communication. One of her most cherished folklore is the tale of the seashell. It is believed that the seashell symbolizes the emotions and movement of the unconscious sources of peace and harmony. The sounds of the ocean can be heard through the conch shell, it is utilized as an instrument for nature to communicate with us.̎ Affinity ̎ is a collection that disconnects us from technology and brings us back to the past of simplicity and emphasizes on the value of nature. The main materials consist of cowhide and morocco leather. The softness of the leathers allows flexibility and movement. The colours exhibited portray a vibrant and harmonious effect.